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Internet portal Polonia360 is the fastest growing Polish website in US. When you advertise with us you can reach your potential clients  at any time of day or night - we always have a traffic! (look at our latest internet traffic stats)

Because of our unique content, any Polish can find something interesting in our portal.

Business advertisement in portal Polonia360 consists of graphic banners displayed on the left or right of the webpage.

<-- Sample business advertisement

Our standard banner sizes have 165 pixels (points) width and height depends on specific customer needs.

Sample size model -->

The shortes period of time to buy advertisement for is one month. If you prepay for a longer time we offer special rebates negotiated individually with customers.

We try to put an ad in the context of the page content. We also try to make an advertisement to act as advertisement and not only annoy potential website users.

The standard version of an advertisement is placed in two different places on the portal:

  • on the one of the main pages (Blogs, News, Guides, References, Classifieds) and one sub-page
  • on two sub-pages

The advertisement graphic is made by us based on supplied materials or we can accept what customers will give us.

We offer additional discounts and rebates when advertisement is purchased for a longer time and for new customers - all arrangements are individually negotiated with customer.  

We also offer advertisement in non-standard placed within our portal - for interested customers.
Basic advertisement prices on portal Polonia360 are based on height of standard banner (width 165 pixels multiplied by height).

Basic banner price with the height of 100 pixels is $100 per month, 250 pixels is $250 per month, 400 pixels is $400 per month and so on. Height of the banner is not limited and for special needs it can reach 1000 pixels or more.

For example:


We remind you that price of advertisement includes banner placement in two different places on the website. Some of the pages (news, blogs) contain many sub-pages that will automatically display banner added to parent page - this way banner can be displayed sdditionally in multiple places.

We offer rebates and discounts for new customers and customers who order advertisement for many months. All the discounts are individually negotiated with customers.

For more information and prices please call +1-845-875-4064, send email to [email protected] or contact us via form below:

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